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Our latest research is delivered to your inbox every Sunday at 6am EST. We aim to provide you with our best investing ideas in a timely and concise format. 

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Who’s Behind Overlooked Alpha?

Overlooked Alpha is made up of Vince Martin and Joe Marwood.

Vince Martin is the lead analyst and writer. He got his Series 7 and 63 back in 1999 and has been writing and researching stocks for over a decade. He’s a prolific equity researcher and one of the top financial analysts on TipRanks with a 5 star rating.

Joe Marwood is the editor and founder of Overlooked Alpha. He has been investing in the market since 2008 and previously worked at a proprietary trading firm.

The Most Important Thing

Some investors make the mistake of focusing only on stock picking. But the most important part of investing is the process. 

Success comes from being disciplined. Regularly saving money and investing into quality opportunities.

We don’t believe in labels such as value or growth. We believe in finding opportunities that offer asymmetric risk to reward.

Stick to the process and don’t get smart with your portfolio.

Not Financial Advice

Nothing we write on Overlooked Alpha is intended to be personalized investment advice. We are not financial advisors and we do not make recommendations. 

We also make mistakes in our analysis from time to time and we do not know your risk tolerance. The aim of Overlooked Alpha is to provide you with useful research which you can use as part of your own due diligence. 

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Vince Martin is a long-time financial writer for Seeking Alpha, InvestorPlace, and other sites. He has established an impressive long-term track record, currently with five-star ratings on TipRanks across multiple time periods.
Joe is the original founder of 3-minute Breakdowns and editor for Overlooked Alpha, the number one newsletter for overlooked investing ideas.
Overlooked Alpha is written by Vince Martin and Joe Marwood. Our newsletter focusses on compelling investment ideas not usually covered by mainstream media outlets.